SRAM CODE RS (RSC) Front Disc Brake & Calliper RRP £149.99

SRAM CODE RS (RSC) Front Disc Brake & Calliper RRP £149.99
SRAM CODE RS (RSC) Front Disc Brake & Calliper RRP £149.99

SRAM CODE RS (RSC) Front Disc Brake & Calliper RRP £149.99

Providing smooth, precise and reliable braking performance, the SRAM CODE RS Disc Brake is designed as a go-anywhere mountain bike (MTB) hydraulic disc brake. Meet the new standard for hard-hitting, heavy-duty braking. We added 15% extra piston power and 30% more volume in the lever reservoir, ensuring peak performance for the full run, with SwingLinkT technology the lever feel remains smooth and progressive, no matter how hard the pull. Go deeper and grab more power. Ready for hitting your favourite trails, this MTB hydraulic disc brake features a robust aluminium lever blade that provides durable and dependable braking operation on the toughest of rides.

SRAM has equipped it with the Code four-piston caliper that uses four machined and moly-coated aluminium pistons to achieve consistent rollback and easy setup. In addition, its calipers heat shield insulation, Bleeding Edge porting and adaptor technology delivers easier bleeds. Coming kitted out with steel-backed organic brake pads, this model offers powerful braking modulation and control as you navigate your way around the mountain. Adjustable MTB Hydraulic Disc Brake.

The Code RS is based on the SRAM Code RSC design only missing the contact adjustment, so it has all the same power and modulation as it's more expensive counterpart, but in an OEM package. The signature lever-feel and contact-point adjustability ensure that this brake works great for every rider.

The Code presents a rider-controlled offering with an alloy blade, lever pivot bushings, stainless steel hardware. Your fingers pull in a straight line, but brake levers move in an arc.

Bottom line: Your fingers typically want to slip off the ends of the levers as you pull. SRAM designed all of its brakes with the industry's lowest X Factor (that's the distance from the centre of the handlebar to the centre of the lever's pivot). That reduces the lever's inward travel, creating an arc that's closer to your fingers' natural motion and more power is delivered to the brake lever.

And, the cool part is, every SRAM brake lever has it. The all new Code Caliper features four Machined and Moly-coated aluminium pistons for consistent rollback and easy set-up, Heat shield insulation and Bleeding Edge porting and adapter technology for easy bleeds. With this new caliper fluid circuitry, the bleed port has been moved to the bottom of the caliper, and all four piston bores can communicate. This way, during bleeding fluid naturally fills the caliper, resulting in an easier, more consistent bleed.

We spend a lot of time obsessing over feel, and SwingLink technology brings SRAM's best R&D to life. This offers riders the joys of SwingLink - getting brake pads to the rotor fast, then moderating pressure with smooth modulation. It's one small movement for your finger, one monumental upgrade to your braking.

Squeeze a SRAM brake lever and you notice it immediately. A new cam system requires less lever throw to push the pads toward the rotor. That's great, but there's more to perfect braking performance than just power. Many brake systems minimize deadband-but at the cost of modulation.

SwingLink solves that with its special cam shape. When the pads contact the rotor, the leverage rate curve is flat and smooth, avoiding that "on/off" brake feel. It's the perfect balance of power and precision. Useful reach and contact point adjustments for every type of rider. SRAM design its brakes to give each individual rider distinct control of their ride. Added stiffness in the caliper and a new pad compound that offers more bite and really delivers the Mini-Code feel. Please Note : This brake is designed for use with a Matchmaker clamp (combined with shifter or dropper) so does not come with its own bar clamp.

We designed all of our brakes with the industry's lowest X Factor (that's the distance from the center of the handlebar to the center of the lever's pivot). And, the cool part is, every SRAM and Avid brake lever has it. A hydraulic brake's timing port is the connection between the reservoir and the lever cylinder bore. When the lever is squeezed, a cup seal passes this area and closes the port, which pressurizes the system. SRAM's timing port closure system features durable seals and an ultra-smooth cylinder bore finish producing dependable braking power and consistency.

Adjustable lever reach allows you to easily set it up to match your hand size or riding style while out on the trail. This makes it comfortable to pull the lever as you dive into corners and drops at speed, while also keeping your momentum flowing. The brake fluid reservoir on SRAM's latest lever design is optimized for both performance and ease of use. The PiggyBack Reservoir offers a simple, failsafe way to manage brake fluid, and also allows for ambidextrous lever placement-so you can switch your levers on the handlebar and run them moto without hassle. Brake lever fit and feel is a personal thing. Riders have individual positioning preferences, as well as unique hand sizes and finger lengths. Reach Adjust makes it easy to adjust your lever for maximum one-finger control for everyone. SRAM's new brake lever design includes a reshaped bladder that helps regulate and reduce air bubbles.

The bladder is specifically shaped to evacuate air from the lever and push the fluid exactly where it's needed. The result is improved back-pressure relief, which produces dependable braking power and consistency.

The stainless steel heat shield breaks the thermal connection between the pad and caliper body, reducing caliper fluid temperature by about 20°C even in the most extreme testing conditions. Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc Brake. Caliper Body Material: Forged Aluminum. Hose Routing Angle: Adjustable Banjo. Hydraulic Fluid: DOT 5.1.

Use: Mountain Bike (MTB) / Enduro / DH (Down Hill). Brake Type: Hydraulic disc brake.

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SRAM CODE RS (RSC) Front Disc Brake & Calliper RRP £149.99